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People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously.
This is how character is built. ~Eleanor Roosevelt
Studio Mic
We all should try things, even if we SUCK at it! I think we should do the things that make us happy. We should try things that maybe we're not so good at, but that make us smile. In my case, I love to sing. I SUCK at it, but who cares. I love karaoke.
Now, a short Malaysia story. In the U.S. (where I'm originally from) Karaoke is right up there with bowling. It's NOT thought of in the States as something that people who are "cool" do. It's kinda "trailer park trash" entertainment. Well, be that as it may, I have always loved karaoke, and frankly, I kinda find bowling fun too sometimes! So, call me trailer trash if ya want, it makes me smile! Well, when I moved here to South East Asia, I was very pleased to find that BOTH karaoke AND bowling are things that are NOT thought of in a bad way. A lot of people do both and it's a fun night out!
Now honestly, I haven't been bowling but for a few times, but karaoke...? Just TRY and keep me away! People have likened my singing to squeezing a cat's tail in the door, but again, I love to sing, so the hell with what people say!

Yeah, so... what's with recording an album?

Ok, confession time. I was with my first partner, Dan, for 13 years before we ended our relationship. Yeah... 13 years! A freakin' incredibly long time, especially this day and age, in a gay relationship. As the years went by, we grew apart and realized our lives were headed in different directions. We parted the best of friends. We still are to this day. Although our lives have taken such amazingly different paths, (he's in Panama-I'm in Malaysia!) We still talk often, and in fact, we still say "I love you" to each other... because, we do.
You don't spend that much time with someone, and feelings just stop. He will always be... my best friend.
BUT... ( you KNEW there was a BUT coming!)
A short while after we had broken up our relationship, I was still wishing and full of hope that one day we might get together again. That's when I began to think of an idea to "win" him back...
When I first started this project, it was meant to be an attempt to show Dan how much I still loved him and work my way back into his heart. When it was finished the first purpose was still there, but it became a way of beginning to accept what can not be changed and express that in music. In fact, after I had completed all the recordings, I looked at the songs in the order I had picked them, if you know the songs and look at the list, you can almost see how my focus changed as I worked on the album. SO much so, that the final track is one of my favorite songs... "The Dance". Originally performed by Garth Brooks and remade in a dance version (ugg) but the words, the words say so much.

"...and now, I'm glad I didn't know, the way it all would end, the way it all would go. My life, is better left to chance. I could have missed the pain, but I'd have had to miss the dance...."

Some of these songs I included are obvious choices, others won't make any sense to you. In fact even might not make any real sense to Dan, but they mean something to me. I had so many people help me with this project, this wasn't just me and my computer. I used some friends for some harmonies and extra voices. It really turned out to be some work! But in the end, whether I can carry a tune or not, it was fun and it helped me to begin to move on with my life. What more could any one ask for?

So let me start out by showing you the album itself....

Album Cover

The CD Cover
CD Cover

Finally, inside the front cover,
I wrote these words...
Which I meant very much. Inside Cover Dedication

Here's another hard decision.... I have put a couple of them on the server for you to download. If you're really that starved for entertainment, or that interested. They are .mp3 versions to save space. The songs I made available have links attached and should connect you right to the mp3's.
My apologies to the original artists and remember I warned you about my abilities to sing. I sing like a frog, but it's from my heart, so I guess that counts for something. I enjoy it, I do it often and I don't care.

"....Dance like no one is watching - Sing like no one is listening...."

(Right click on the orange links and 'save link as...')

The Boxer
Kissing A Fool
Music Of The Night
And Still
Scenes From An Italian Restaurant
I Hope You Dance
The Rainbow Connection
Send In The Clowns
Please Remember Me
Look At Us
What Might Have Been
I Will Remember You
The Dance

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