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Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely. ~ Auguste Rodin
Willy & The Warthog Cover

Well... yes, I did write a book. A children's short story. But (as always) there's a story behind it! Let me start at the best spot possible, the beginning. Bear with me here!
About a year and a half ago, I was using the bathroom at my office. While sitting there I noticed something on the floor of the bathroom. You see, we have a problem in our bathroom that the pipes sometimes leak and, over time, it's created a lime stain from the bad water on the floor. As I looked at this stain on the floor, I noticed that it resembled a cartoonish Warthog, lying on it's back.

A warthog,(Phacochoerus africanus or an "African Lens-Pig"), for those who don't know, is also known as a type of wild boar. Remember Pumbaa from The Lion King? He was a warthog!

Anyway, back to the bathroom.
Bathroom Stain

Here's a picture of the stain from MY vantage point. If you look closely, you'll see what I mean. Upside-down, It looks like a warthog, lying on it's back. Eye and nose off to the left.

Bathroom Stain

Still can't? Let me zoom in and flip the shot for you. Now?

Bathroom Stain

Ok, I can't POSSIBLY be anymore helpful here. I have outlined in grey dots and LABELED things....NOW?!?!

Well, if not, trust me, it DOES look like a warthog lying on it's back, smiling!

Ok, back to the book.

From this simple little thing, as often happens, I was inspired. Thinking about a cartoonish warthog, I created a story. Doing some research, I dicovered that International children's book, that would teach a bit about the culture of a place, while at the same time being entertaining, were hot these days in the children's book market.

So, I began to write. As often happens, I wrote a chapter and put it away. Couldn't get inspired again. Re-wrote it. Began again and finally just ignored it completely. I still couldn't get this idea out of my mind, but finding the inspiration to write was the problem.
As it happens, I spent the beginning of 2008 on a lengthy stay in hospital. I'll talk about that later in some other experience. But, suffice to say, I had NOTHING to do, but lay on my fat ass for a long time. That's when it hit me... I have a story to finish. So, laptop in my lap, I began to write, and within a week, had finished the book! Now, don't get me wrong. It's since been through a few re-writes and corrections, but finally I had my children's book. Only one problem left. Who the HELL is gonna publish it?
Honestly, I don't care if it ever gets published. Although, to be honest, it would be SO cool to see something I wrote on a shelf or display in MPH or Borders! But I had accomplished what I set out to do. Write. And I was fairly happy with the outcome.
I met up with a very talented artist friend of mine, Eric Weiss, who was inspired to create the cover and inside illustrations. Never got to use the shots from the original bathroom stain, but then again... maybe a bad idea!

It's a cute little story, includes a bit of Malaysian culture and a fun read. I've had a few friends review it, and unless they were just being nice (entirely possible!) They all seemed to like it.

So, I hear you ask... What's next?

11th March 2009-UPDATE!!!: I'm PUBLISHED! and YOU can actually buy a copy of "Willy and The Warthog NOW! Check this out and click here!

Get a copy for your kids! They'll LOVE it! and if you're in KL, I'll even sign it! hahaha!

Willy & The Warthog.... The adventure continues!

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