September 2001

Sunday, September 2nd, 2001: We just got back last night form the most INCREDIBLE few days In Miami Beach! WOW! There is SO much news to tell you about! I guess the best thing to do is start at the beginning!
The drive out of the Keys was it's usual nightmare! We just barely had time, after checking in to the hotel, to get showered and changed and head to the theater!
The Jackie Gleason Theater is a great venue and of course we had perfect seats. The "premiere" tickets were great!  4 rows back from the front, and we were treated like special guests. After a glass or two of champagne in the lobby before the show, we were escorted to our seats, and noticed that there were 5 or 6 empty seats right next to us, but the rest in this special section were already filled. I couldn't imagine that someone would purchase the seats and not show up!
Well, my wondering was over when the 'entourage' arrived. First, a REALLY cute bodyguard guy.... Two.... um, how shall I put this....unusual guys ,dressed like rejected Village People. and the other seats were taken up by.... Rosie O'Donnell and Gloria Estefan!

OH MY GAWD! I don't mean to be a drama queen here, but we sat RIGHT NEXT to Rosie and Gloria for the show. They were great! This was Margaret Cho's opening night for her new tour, and they came to celebrate with her. She was incredible! I have not laughed so hard in a long, long time! We were both in tears for most of the evening we laughed so much. She's fresh, she's honest and "in your face" and she is funny as hell! If you have the chance, check and see if the tour is coming to your city, or even close and get your ass to see it! I guarantee your sides will hurt from the laughter.
Unfortunately, NO cameras of any kind were allowed in the theater, as is often the case. I had brought  mine anyway, just in case. But when a young kid approached Rosie for an autograph and the cute bodyguard stepped in right away and told him, "Rosie doesn't want to be bothered tonight" I figured I wouldn't push my luck. After the show, their entire group went immediately backstage, so I didn't have a chance afterwards to grab a shot either.
It was a wonderful evening!
We got back from the show late, so we turned in from a long day of traveling and excitement. We stayed at the Bal Harbour Sheraton! What an beautiful hotel! We had a gorgeous room and the resort was very well designed, with waterfalls and koi ponds and beautiful pool area and beach front. There's pictures on the SOBE page of some of the ponds and koi. It is a beautiful resort!
We spent most of Friday shopping, and pretending to be fabulously wealthy people browsing through stores like Gucci, Versace and Cartier! Saturday night we went to South Beach and had dinner at a fantastic sushi restaurant. The sushimi was out of this world! It literally melted in your mouth! After dinner and some walking around, we spent the rest of the evening dancing and having a great time, watching the hot men at a club called Score. It was GREAT!

Saturday, after checkout we headed back down to Sobe for lunch and more people watching. There's a lot of "peoples" to watch and enjoyed a nice lunch at a very famous little sidewalk cafe, as all the pretty men and boyz strolled by. I took a ton of pictures and you can find them here on a special SOBE page. We walked along the beach for a bit and Rodney actually let me take his picture a few times! Finally, you'll get the chance to see him.
This really was the most fantastic weekend, made even more special because I spent it with someone I care about very much! We really enjoy every moment together. Rodney truly is a sweetheart and it's just possible, no actually it's a fact, I've found someone who's a much of a hopeless romantic as I am.
My gawd! It's September already!?!?    Time GREAT!

Wednesday, September 5th, 2001: I was having a discussion with a friend the other day and he refered to Rodney as my "oriental" boyfriend.
I have always hated that word. It has always sounded racist to me. It's a name we, as caucasian americans, have given to asians, it's NOT one they gave to themselves. I don't use it, I encourage my friends not to use it and I encourage YOU not to.
You won't find it anywhere on this website except here, for the sake of discussion. I have explain why I feel this way about that word, but never found exactly the right words to really express myself about it. I finally found something that explains what I try and tell the "unintentional-uninformed" who use it. Please read this very insiteful piece from Model Minority website. There's a link at the end of this journal entry which will take you to it. The site is an Asian American empowerment site with VERY interesting articles about asian-americans. Some of which address concerns that ALL people need to be aware of. I don't want to climb up TO high on this soap box, but since my friend and I just had this discussion, I thought it would be interesting for you to see. To me the word is no different than the "N" word, or other slangs for Black, Hispanic or Latin americans, or Polish, British, or even the hateful words people use to refer to us, as gay men and women. When someone uses one of those words...including "oriental" to refer to someone, call them on it!
I don't allow anyone, including my friends, to get away with it. I'm polite in pointing out the error, but I DO point it out. The more we do this, the closer we'll get to living in a place that accepts everyone, for who they are inside, without looking first at the outside. Here's the article.
Beyond that little tirade.... Life is going really well. Rodney and I are enjoying our time together. Thank you to everyone who continues to support this site. I've actually sold some t-shirt and a few ball caps from the new Jay Sheldon Dot Com store!! woo hoo! Even if you're not "shopping" here, if you're just stopping by and taking the time to write a quick email or sign the guestbook, or vote for the site, you help support it. It keep me encouraged.
I've made some very dear friends here. I know my schedule has changed with the job temporarily, and focusing on our new relationship has taken me away from the site more than usual, but I'll be here, and you can always check up on what's new, either here in the journal, or simply by "looking in" on the webcams. We're still planning a party in September for friends and I'll be sure and rearrange the cameras to you'll have a couple of different "views" of the events as they unfold. Anyone have a suggestion for a theme for the party? I have a few, but I'm not sure I can keep the cameras running if we "go there!" hehehe (kidding! Kidding! geeez!) Oh!!! I almost forgot to include this. One of my best buddies, fellow law enforcement type, straight but not narrow, friends - Lyn B. sent me this photo! Keep up the great recruitment effort guyz! Those New Yorkers REALLY know how to have fun!
Keep the emails coming and thanks for being here!

Friday, September 7th, 2001: Okay, okay, first of all for those of you who wrote and asked.....YES! I shaved my chest! There! Don't ask! Okay, I'll tell you....(that was easy!) About 3 years ago I got a wild hair across my ass and decided to see what I'd look like with NO body hair, I don't mean shave my chest I mean NO BODY HAIR-PERIOD....That experience left me with ONE impression....
"If I live to be 1000, I will NEVER, (repeat with emphasis)-NEVER do it again".
My chest hair, which for those of you who have been around this site for a while will know, is very thick, if you haven't been around enough and you're THAT interested, you can find pictures in the archive pages. I found that body hair is also very helpful in "hiding" the little imperfections, (like FAT!) some of us have.
Well, the other night, Rodney and I were discussing hairy guys vs. smooth guys, and our "preferences" etc. and he mentioned that he has never been with someone who was THAT hairy! (embarrassment!) Yeah-I'm a gorilla, okay....or was one! Well, I don't think I have to tell you where this discussion lead.
If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times, I'm a hopeless romantic, I'll do anything for love.....and that, apparently, includes breaking my vow of a lifetime of hairy-ness! hehehe. It took about 2 hours, I had to unclog the drain in the shower 3 times! and we went thru 4 razors! I should have taken pictures! It was SO funny! We laughed most of the time and it's lucky I don't have a chest full of nicks and cuts!

Needless to say, If you've seen me on cam without my shirt, I'm a smooth boy now! I'm getting used to it. I've lost some weight since I first shaved myself those 3 years ago and I guess it's not SO bad, Rodney likes it a lot, so for me....that's enough reason to keep it just the way it is......sorry to all you hairy guy fans, but for now....I'm stayin' a smoothie!.....


Tuesday, September 11th, 2001: My God!
This was supposed to be such a day of joy, and it became such a day of sadness. Rodney and I celebrated our 1 month anniversary today, but that's not even slightly important at the moment. We woke up late today, about 3 hours after the tragedy began. We spend the rest of the day, mostly glued to CNN or Fox news to stay up to date on the latest information. I had to go out for a short while today and it was very eerie. There was a strange silence that fell over Key West. Even this far away from all that happened, you could sense a kind of dullness in the air. You could see it on people's faces, you could feel it in the wind.
Even here in Key West, we're reminded of the far reaching effects of this horror, as I drove past the Navy military installations and saw the barricades set up with the armed guards in place.
I decided right after learning about it, to black-out my cameras for the day. I know it isn't much, but I just felt I wanted to do something, even as a small gesture, to remember the thousands of lives that were lost.
Rodney and I both said to each other, what I very much want to remind you of now. Imagine the man or woman who left for work or a flight, having an argument with his wife husband, life-partner, lover... and never kissed them goodbye, or said "I love you". Now, in the twinkling of an eye, they are gone forever.
Please....PLEASE...tell the people that you love, just how much you love them, every day ....often.
This life is balanced on a very thin edge. We are only here for a very short a time. Tell them. Shut off this damned computer, call them if you have to....right now, and let them know how much you love them.
I know that's what I'm doing, right now...

Wednesday, September 12th, 2001: Another day.... more horrors, more stories of tragedy and more heros and hope. I received an email from one of my sponsors :"". They have set up a page with important information about the victims and ways in which you might be able to help. It's here, if you'd like to take a look. Rodney and I continue to send our prayers and thoughts out to the victims, families and all the rescuers who continue to work with what hope remains in their hearts.

Among the things we think about during these times, as I wrote about yesterday, is the people we love, and how much they mean to us. I was in the process of creating a page for Rodney. Beyond the private cards, and notes and things we say to each other, I wanted a more "public" way of telling him how much I loved him. Inspired, although I'm not sure that's the right word, by the events of the past couple of days, I sat down last night and finished it. It doesn't being to say everything I'd like to, but we have a lifetime ahead of us for those words, everyday, without fail. Tell them everyday, every chance you get.
To Rodney
My knight was headed my way all along. I just had to wait for the right moment, to find him.

Thursday, September 13th, 2001: How do I get myself into these conversations? I have a friend who used to live in Key West, he moved very far away, but as is often the case, the net keeps us in touch. I saw him on line this afternoon and said hello and we got into a conversation that I'm guessing may have been taking place in lot's of coffee shops and lunch counters across America  in the last few days and certainly will in the next several weeks.

If you are a person of reason, you'll understand why it's so important to try, and the big word here being TRY and educate the people we run into in our daily lives, who "just don't get it!" I saved the conversation, exactly as it took place, with one exception. I edited out a word he used that I would never put anywhere on this site...  EVER! I also edited his screen name. It's only fair. He does not know I'm putting this on the site, but no one will know who this is, and I put it here NOT to embarrass him, but to enlighten those who choose to read it. This guy is NOT an isolated case. It just really scares the hell out of me to think that someone, already a member of 2 minority groups, being latin and gay, would be capable of this kind of thought process. Several times during  the conversation, I said to myself, "he's just busting my ass, He really can't feel like this"   ....Unfortunately, I believe I was wrong ....he really does.

Here's the conversation

Okay, on to more intelligent things... I've received many emails from people just saying hello, and a lot of my friends from other countries have written to express their concerns for all Americans. It's been great to hear from them. For someone who's never been in this country before and has no idea of how removed someone can be, must really wonder if we're all hiding in our homes. At least that's the feeling I get from some of the emails I've received. Included in one of them, was a candle lighting that is to take place tonight at 10:30 EST. to show that our spirits still burn bright. I'll be taking part tonight and if you read this in time, I hope you'll do the same:
Here's the email:

> Light a Candle for Unity!

> Though terrorists may have struck out at us as Americans, let us come
> together and show our unity.
> Let us show that though our arm may have been hurt,
> they can not dim the heart of America which rages
> bright. On Thursday September 13, 2001 at 10:30 pm
> EST, walk out your door and light a candle or lantern
> to show the world that our spirit burns bright. Gather
> with loved ones or gather with neighbors but let our
> light burn in the night to show that we are united and that we remain
> strong.
> Please pass this on to anyone you know..print it up
> and pass it to neighbors who may not have internet
> access, post it to message boards, clubs, news
> stations, anywhere and everywhere there is a PROUD American!

I sent it out to a bunch of people on my email list and received replies from a lot of them including these two I thought I'd share with you. One was simply a picture that I had not seen before, but it is truly incredible! Here's the shot.
....and here's most of the content of one of the others:

"Hi buddy, thanks for the e-mail. I am at work tonight, but will be with every one of you in spirit. I put the American flag out by the mailbox to show everyone who drives by that we are very proud to be Americans and we want all to know. It is heartbreaking to stand by and see what is happening to our brothers and sisters. Our nurse Kate said her nephew who worked in one of the towers is still missing. Todd has already been called by his Reserve unit and been put on standby in case we go to war. He is a military policeman, so there's a good chance he'll go. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers, along with all those who are suffering. Hugs to you, Cheryl"

Our hugs go back out to you and yours and Kate and her nephew, and each and every one.

I was trying so hard to find something else going on in our lives right now to write about, something to take my mind off of things. But you know....
Nothing else really seems very important at this moment....

Saturday, September 15th, 2001: Whew! Is this week over yet? All the events, all the tragedy, I find myself having to push myself away from staring at CNN, just to take a break from it. I know that the heros, sifting through the rubble in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania, can't do that, but for the rest of us who can, you have to get away from it occasionally. Take a breath of fresh air. It is constantly on our thoughts and in our prayers. SO let's talk about something else for a change.

Let me start with my "lovely" day yesterday. I went down to head out for the day and was greeted by a flat tire! Great! I had to make a quick trip so back up the stairs I trudge and wake up the roommate Mark, so I can borrow his car. He is a bear to wake up, but with his schedule, after only a few hours sleep, I'd be a bit nasty myself! Thank gawd for roommates with big hearts. I managed to get the location of his keys out of him before he drifted back to dreamland, so one crisis was over. Then it was time to figure out how to get my flat tire changed.
As well equipped as our police units are, I haven't even SEEN a spare that I can remember. Well, as it turned out I did have one, but after searching the whole trunk, I did NOT have a jack! So I call our transportation chief and he drops by with a jack and lug wrench. Now, big butch me gets the job of changing it! Oh, did I mention we were in the middle of getting the bottom edge of Tropical Storm Gabrielle, with torrential rains and high winds at the time?...yeah, nice!
So, I jack up the car, switch the tires around and find spare is only about half full of air. This lesson will not be lost on me. I am going to make damned sure I know the condition of my spare from now on. About the only luck I had was it was parked in my covered parking spot (open at both ends so the wind and rain can get through). Have you ever tried to get brake dust and road grime out from under your fingernails? I don't know HOW those guys who work at garages do it daily. There must be some secret. Remind me to ask one of them one of these days!
I watched, along with the rest of the country, the memorial service from the National Cathedral yesterday. It was a beautiful service. The rest of my day was spend running around town paying bills and catching up on all the things I had neglected all week. Did I mention along with everything else going on I've been down with the most awful flu bug since we got back from the Margaret Cho concert? Today is the first day in more than a week, I've actually felt good.

I spoke with my Lt. and she said I am more than likely going to be back in the Internal Affairs office starting on Monday! WOO HOO!!!!!!!!! Thank the gods!
Last night we went out, just to "get away from it all" for a little while. The clubs were not jammin' busy. We kind of figured that, between the transportation being screwed up getting to Key West and all. It was crowded, but it's also the every end of "off-season" so it's an odd time of year down here!
One thing that IS going on this weekend, is the 29th Poker Run.

In fact as I sit here and type this, the incredibly LOUD sound of Harley's and all kinds of motorcycles can be heard rumbling outside. Now understand, I'm on the top floor of our condo development. These places are VERY well insulated for sound. Nevertheless, you just can't believe how damned LOUD those bike are! It goes way beyond all reason sometimes, I understand the purpose of having them loud, but come on! Enough is enough! I'm not the world biggest biker fan, I mean I admire them, some of these bikes are incredible! And before you start emailing me about all the trouble makers etc that ride them. I have several friends, especially back in Connecticut, who are Harley owners and bikers and I can tell you from first hand experience, that among these guys and gals you'll find doctors, lawyers, CEOs, and lot's of folks from very respectable walks of life. They are always there when a cause needs help, and always there to raise moneys and whatever might be needed. In fact this weekend here in Key West for the Poker Run, a TON of fund raising is happening to help out in the crisis our country is currently involved in. Rodney and I are probably going to go out this afternoon or evening and check out all the bikes lined up and down  Duval Street. It' always and incredible site, even if you're not a big fan, and even if it IS mostly at the "straight" end of Duval Street! <smile> I'll have the camera with me and get some shots I'll post here later on this weekend.

Oh Gawd! I almost forgot! The funniest thing happened to me last night! I'm at Bourbon Street, Rodney has excused himself to the men's room and I'm standing at the bar waiting for him to return. I feel someone come up behind me and grab my ass! Then, reach around and grab me by the waist and "snuggle" up to my ear and neck and say "I don't know who you are, but you have the most incredible ass I've ever seen"
 I, of course, instantly thought it must be one of my friends fooling around, I haven't seen who this guy is yet, so I said, "You MUST be blind!" and "Which one of my sicko friends IS this?!" Well, I turned around with his arms wrapped around my waist and found myself staring in to the eyes of the most ADORABLE guy!! Build like a brick shit house, if you'll pardon the expression. That's just about when I realized....I'd never seen this guy in my LIFE! Damn!!! He was serious! <blush> Well, after a little recovery time, I thanked him for his HUGE "blah-blah" compliment, and at just about that time Rodney returns from the men's room! <blush more!> He came up behind me, (as my waist was now freed up!) and put his arms around me, and the guy got the idea that we were a couple.
We did the usual polite "nice to meet you"'s and he went his way, and I went mine. Whew! Although as we left the bar later, he was behind us and grabbed my ass one more time! Oh MY!

Wow! This has turned into one HELL of a lengthy journal entry! I just have a few little things to add then I'm out for the day. I spent far more time than  I should today sitting in front of the television watching CNN, but if you're like me, you just can't tear yourself away. I force myself to now and then and recommend you do the same, once in a while. It just can't be healthy to jam your brain with that much for that long.

I received an email from a friend in Nashville, I met through this website who, in addition to being a great guy, also runs an internet radio station.
JD is his name, his partner is Duane and you'll find his stuff here:
MUSIC CITY WORLD OF DANCE        MUSIC CITY JUKEBOX        and finally the camera site   THE HAZEL NUT WEB CAM

I think I've about typed myself out for the moment. Just a quick reminder, I've added a link to sites you can send donations to help in the recovery efforts.
If you're so inclined, you'll find it at the top left side of the main page of Jay Sheldon Dot Com! Thanks for everything you're doing and continue to do. Tell someone you love them, every day every chance you get! Enjoy your weekend. I'l talk to you soon!

Sunday, September 16th, 2001: A quiet night and a busy Saturday. We went down to Duval Street to look for a gift for Rodney's sister's wedding which is coming up in October. It was the Poker Run of course and I got some great shots of the bikes all lining both sides of Duval. These pictures really don't give you a true picture of just how many bikes were there. Hundreds and hundreds lined Duval Street for block after block. Some of the artwork on the wheels and gas tanks was unbelievable! True "works of art". After we had our fill of leather-clad harley dudes and dudettes! We did some shopping. We have a store down here called FastBuck Freddies. It is kind of a combination of FAO Schwartz and Bloomingdales all rolled into one. It's a bit pricey, but it's a really fun place to browse. This being Key West and Fantasy Fest being just a month and a half away, they have already begun to put out some of the masks and costumes.
Each one is beautiful and unique. Of course, like kids in a candy store, Rodney and I couldn't resist trying a few items on for fun!
I really couldn't tell the difference here! Although, this shot looked a little more like my style! Rodney checked out a few hair styles and I'm not so sure he makes a good Playboy bunny, but the ears were floppy enough.  Give me a good pair of "sparkly" cat's eye glamour sunglasses, and I'm the queen of the ball! We had a blast, and laugh so hard I thought they were  gonna throw us out! We never did find an appropriate gift for his sister though!
I think I've mentioned here before that I am one of the world's biggest "gadget" freaks. I love high-techie gadgets and pop fads. In fact, my house itself is computer controlled as for the lighting system and those light are also voice activated. I can tell the computer to turn on, off, or dim whatever light I want and she does it and with her own voice confirms it. She (we call her "Gertrude") also turns on the house light automatically just at sundown and then makes sure they're all off after we go to bed. You see, a techie freak!
Anyway,  I'm sure you've seen the lightning lights and spheres that were popular a few months ago and still are in some places. Well, I picked one up on sale at Sharper Image about 6 months ago and love it, but I have always wanted one of the swirling more sculpture-like plasma lights that were also the fad a short while back. Well, during our shopping yesterday, we saw a multi-colored one in a shop and I mentioned how much I had always loved them.
Well, I'm sure you can guess what's next. After we shopped a few more places, on our way back to the car, Rodney, who had been thinking about buying a couple of other things, told me to wait outside and he'd be right back. I thought he was going back inside to get the things he had been thinking about. Imagine my surprise when, a few minutes later he walked out with MY PLASMA LIGHT!! Really, honestly...I was NOT hinting around. (really Rodney!) I just mentioned how much I liked them. He is the sweetest man on the face of the earth. Even if he didn't buy me presents! (hehehe) Thank you my love.

Until next time, pray for those we have lost and those who are still missing and the ones who continue the search and rescue work, and tell the ones you love, everyday, just how much they mean to you.

Friday, September 21st, 2001: What a week! First of all again an apology for not keeping this journal as up-to-date as I would like. I have been bitten by this gawd-awful flu bug that seems to be going around the Keys lately, and it kicked my ass! I can't remember the last time I was REALLY sick. I mean, knocked down-dragged out sick! It must have been well over a year. Apparently I'm being paid back for all that "well" time! I actually felt better ONE day this week, (Monday) went back to work, and that afternoon, I was right back down again. Geez! The doctor says, (yes, I actually went to the doctor!) it's just hanging on and I have to take it easy, so I'm just kind of hanging around the house with Rodney and laying low. I have GOT to get better! I can't stand this not going out and DOING things!
Enough about my misery, it all seems so small lately.
I have to tell you about a very special show tonight which as far as I know, except for national and world new events, is a first. It's called:


It's a two-hour live, commercial-free, simulcast to raise funds for a long-term relief effort for Americans who have directly suffered from last week's terrorist attack. The most amazing thing about it, along with the incredible list of celebs that will be a part of it is that it will be simulcast on:

ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC, as well as BET, Comedy Central, Court TV, Discovery, E!, Fox Family, FX, HBO, Lifetime, MTV, PAX, PBS, SHOWTIME, Sundance Channel, Telemundo, TLC, TNN, TNT, The WB, Univision, UPN, Country Music Television (CMT), Fox Sports Net, Hallmark Channel, Turner South, USA Network and VH1.

Incredible! The kind of team effort that's going into a broadcast of this type! What a great way to further show the "Spirit of America" to have all these networks who normally compete minute by minute for viewers, to come together in this way.  The show will air Friday, September 21, 9:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. (Eastern/Pacific), 8:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. (Central) and 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. (Mountain). It will also be webcast live on the internet at Please spend the time to watch and give what you can.
Stars from across the worlds of film, music and television have generously volunteered their time and talents in this historic fundraising event. Celine Dion, Enrique Iglesias, Limp Bizkit, Sting and U2 are the latest celebrities to join the talent roster, which includes the previously announced (in alphabetical order): Bon Jovi, Amy Brenneman, Mariah Carey, Jim Carrey, George Clooney, Sheryl Crow, Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, The Dixie Chicks, Robert De Niro, Clint Eastwood, Calista Flockhart, Dennis Franz, Kelsey Grammer, Tom Hanks, Faith Hill, Wyclef Jean, Billy Joel, Jane Kaczmarek, Alicia Keys, Willie Nelson, Conan O'Brien, Tom Petty, Ray Romano, Julia Roberts, Paul Simon, Will Smith, Jimmy Smits, Bruce Springsteen, Sela Ward, Robin Williams, Stevie Wonder and Neil Young.

I watched Rosie the other day and she was saying that people like her, who make disgustingly huge amounts of money, should give huge amounts of money and people like, I assume, you and me, should give what we can, until it hurts. I just read that she gave a million dollars to the relief effort! This was her own personal money, not from her foundation "For All Kids", THAT is REALLY putting your money where your mouth is! Damn! Very commendable! Please do all that you can.

This show and all related graphics are Copyright © 2001 Joint Network Benefit Inc.

Back to my life for a minute. I have been putting off talking about this, because it bugs the HELL out of me, and upsets me a LOT, however, in my continuing quest to be up front and honest here... in just a couple of weeks, less than two to be exact, the love of my life is returning to Malaysia for his sister's wedding. He'll be gone for 23 days .......ARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!! There I got THAT out of my system. No, actually I did not. I know I'm going to be a wreck when he leaves and everyday until he returns. You have NO idea how difficult it's going to be to watch that plane take off from Key West and watch him fly away. I suppose the difference is, that I know he'll be back. But with the current problems in the world and all, not to be a drama queen here, but I suppose we can't even really 100% count on that either. We're just hoping that whatever state of war this country is in at the time of his return, they'll let him back in. We will, of course be able to be in daily touch via this wonderful thing called the internet. but it still won't be the same as having him here, to hug and hold tightly. I will be doing that in my dreams every minute of every day until he returns.
If I'm a bit "off" during October...I'm sure you'll understand. I'll just have to take my mind off things by doing some big planning for his return....which by the way will be just a few short days before Fantasy Fest!
Wish him (and me) luck and keep him in your prayers for safe flights and a swift return. By the way, thanks to every one who writes now and then both to myself AND to Rodney. As always, it's great to keep hearing from people and the places you all are looking into the site from! It's truly amazing how small the world can be at times!

Until later.... tell the ones you love, how much you do, often and every day!

Late breaking news:
Please consider signing this petition asking President Bush to condemn the statement of his supporters, Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. They were quoted as stating the recent bombings in New York and Washington, D. C. are God's retribution wrecked upon the United States.

Please go to add your name and pass it on!

Saturday, September 29th, 2001: There is SO much new from this past week. I hardly know where to begin! It's been so busy with things happening that I haven't had a spare moment to get this journal updated, but I have a little bit of time now, in between loads of laundry (UGG!) so here we go!

Yeah, I know, ....but it's been busy enough that I haven't even had time to get the laundry done!

First things first. I received a call earlier this week from my sister Penny and her husband Jim from Port St. Luce, Florida. I've kept in touch with her from time to time, but haven't actually seen them in what turns out to be over 10 years! It's unbelievable how fast time goes by. It's also unbelievable how your mind "freezes" time. She and Jim had decided to come to Key West for a min-vacation with their 2 kids, James and Katie (I hope I spelled that right!) The last time I saw Katie she was an infant and I have never seen James.
Rodney got them a great deal on a beautiful room at the Sheraton Suites, and they arrived on Thursday. I was there to meet them when they got to the hotel, and while I recognized them right away, it is incredible, how people you haven't seen in years look nothing like you expect, yet underneath the changes that time take on us, you can still see the person you remember. It was great to see them again after all this time. Penny and Jim both look wonderful. Katie and James are the cutest kids. We all went out to dinner at a typical Key West restaurant, and afterwards came back to our place for drinks and to spend some time catching up. Here's a shot of all of us.  Jim had actually lived in the Keys for a short time, a number of years ago, so it wasn't his first time here, but Penny and the kids had never seen the Keys before. We gave them the nickel tour and they spend the next couple of days wandering around the island and sightseeing. Unfortunately, we're right in the middle of one of the FEW times we get several days of rain in a row, so they decided to cut their vacation short and head back today. I had the chance to see them off before they left. I KNOW it won't be another 10 years before I see them again. It was so nice to get back in touch with a part of my family after all this time. Especially after the recent events, it helps to kind of "ground" you.

Penny had brought me a little "present" when she got here. About a thousand years ago when I was a kid, my mom used to have huge pictures of all five of us framed along a stairway in our house. The pictures were from when we were about 6 months old through about 10 or so. I had thought they were lost forever. Well, Penny apparently had found them in the basement of mom's old house, moldy and musty and "rescued" them and has kept them all these years. My little "gift" was all of those pictures of me!! ...from all those years ago!. I'm still getting them "digitized" and I'll have them posted here in a little while so you can all have a good laugh at my expense! Amazing! Those pictures brought back so many memories. Thank you SO much Penny. You'll never know how much they mean to me!

As you know Rodney is leaving for Malaysia for his sister's wedding for 23 days, beginning this coming Wednesday. I'm doing my best to keep a "stiff upper lip" about it, but it isn't easy....REALLY not easy! I love him so much and now, to have to be apart for such a long time. I'm trying to find things during that time to keep myself busy. Last night we had a going away party with a bunch of friends from his work. It was great! Rodney and I made some delicious finger foods that were a hit. Especially Rodney's Teriyaki Chicken.A bunch of wine and champagne completed the party and everyone had a great time. It was nice to have everyone here and now that I think about it, it's the first party I've had here at the house. I really had a great time and I'm sure we'll have more once Rodney returns. I hope you were able to catch a part of it on the webcam. I am in the process of replacing that Living room cam. I'm really not happy with the quality of the picture out there, so you can look for some BIG improvements in that shot soon!
Here's a few shots from the bash!     (click on the thumbnail and a larger shot will open in a separate window)

Bertrand, Connie, Troy & Joe, Rodney, playing the good host, and the shy one you can barely see, is Kenia

One more little tidbit that came across the desk this week. I keep in touch with my brother, Michael, probably more than any other of my family. We're very close and talk often. He lives in Seattle, is a sweetheart of a guy, and is also gay. I'm not sure I've written much about him here. He actually came out to the family before I did and made my path a bit easier for me when it was "my time". Well, he is an incredible "showman" and when he lived in North Carolina did an act with a character he created called "Cookie LaRue" She was pure gum-smacking, beehive hairdo, trailer trash, who lived for nothing else but the next 'blue light special' at K-mart. Leopard patterned skin-tight leotards and big red ball earrings, The act was absolutely hilarious. After he moved to Seattle, they actually called him back for a "command performance". While he was in Seattle, he hooked up with a group called the "OOPS" players and performed with them for a while.
I was checking how my site showed up in the search engines the other day and doing some site research, looking at how my links rated, etc. and I found a link to a page which hit on Michael Sheldon. Well, low and behold THERE is my brother in a publicity shot for the "OOPS players Hall of Fame! Here's the page and here's the picture!

Great to see you Michael! Much success as always!

If you guys EVER get a chance and the OOPS players are in your town, GO SEE THEM! They're coming to Key West and I'm not going to miss the show! I'll let you know!
Oh, one more quick thing before I close for today. The month is ending tomorrow of course,and beginning next month, I'm going to change the format of this journal a bit.
A number of people have written and suggested I put the latest updates in the beginning of the journal as the month goes along so when you look for the latest entries, they're right at the top of the page. Great idea and October 1st, I'll be doing the journal that way. Always interested in what you think and suggestion for the site! Keep 'em coming!

That's about it for now, I have so much to do to plan some fun for Rodney and I before know.....(drama queen!)
I'll talk to you soon. Tell someone you love them today and give them a hug.
More to come

Sunday, September 30th, 2001: YAWN! UGG! Never eat "all you can eat" sushi and then go dancing and clubbing! We went out to an all-you-can-eat sushi bar last night and had a TON of sushi. It was really delicious and of course we both ate way to much! Afterwards we went to Divas and Bourbon Street and danced our heads off, (and hopefully a little of our stomachs!) We met up with Bertrand, Troy and Joe who were there celebrating a friend, Mark's birthday. (his 40th!) During the night we were "encouraging" the bar dancers to help him celebrate...hehehe. One of them gave Mark the biggest hug and grope! Mark walked away fanning himself with a BIG case of the "vapors"! It was a blast.
Before we went out Rodney had decided to to this "military" thing for an outfit and so I decided we should both look like we just stepped out of maneuvers.
We looked absolutely FABULOUS! Here a picture of the Dynamic Duo!  hehehe How BUTCH! All in all, we had a GREAT time last night, and our outfits were a hit!

Had a great email from a guy in Palm Springs. He was writing to say he'd "discovered" my site and that he enjoyed reading the journal and looking around. He and his partner lived in Key West for about 7 years and it was fun, as we exchanged emails, comparing how things have changed since they lived here on the rock. He has a great website himself at Check it out! Nice to have friends in Palm Springs! Thanks John, looking forward to hearing from you again!

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September is gone, and in some reflections, thank the gods for that. The best of times and the worst of times..... Like the Chinese curse: "May you live in interesting times"

We just keep enjoying the ride....