....and so it goes

(I know, in this format, this is tough to read, but stay with it. It's a clip & paste from an AOL Intant Message)

JaySheldonKW: Hey putz!

JaySheldonKW: how's the new bf?

L****y: good

JaySheldonKW: Are you ever coming' back to KW?

L****y: so did you have anybody caught up in the mess in New York

L****y: when i get situated

L****y: money wise

L****y: I'm bored

JaySheldonKW: not sure. One of the former owners of the radio station I worked for was a writer for the Associated Press (AP News) but he was quite an old guy then and I'm not sure if he still works for them. The AP offices used to be in the WTC

L****y: shit that is not good

JaySheldonKW: I called his house, but only got an answering machine

L****y: i think we should bomb all of the middle east until someone claims responsible of the attack

L****y: i hate those fucken arabs

L****y: no good son of bitches

JaySheldonKW: Hey! Don't stuff them all into one hole!

L****y: no good of son of bitches

JaySheldonKW: Just because of Andrew Cunanan, doesn't make all gay people serial killers

L****y: i hate them they are worthless to us

L****y: they will stab you in the back I don't trust them one bit

JaySheldonKW: you are a bigot

L****y: bigot what do you mean bigot

JaySheldonKW: When someone places one person or a small group of people's actions onto an entire race of people.

JaySheldonKW: Like saying that just because some gay people dress in drag, we all do… Do you?!

L****y: bull shit this is different

JaySheldonKW: Are ALL Caucasian people catholic? or even Christian for that matter? I'm not. Does that make me one of them?

L****y: why don't you go live there then if you think they are great that is bullshit

JaySheldonKW: It NOT different! Just because a small group of Muslims may have done this does NOT make ALL Muslims bad!!!

L****y: ok you know it all

JaySheldonKW: What is YOUR heritage? Latin?

L****y: you are pissing me off

L****y: i can't believe you would stick up for them

L****y: i don't care what people say they all are evil

L****y: give me a gun i would be happy to help them kick those sand n**ers asses (I edited this, since I would NOT put the word he used on these pages ever! For any reason)

JaySheldonKW: I am NOT sticking up for the people responsible for this tragedy! I am sticking up for people who might happen to look like them but have entirely different beliefs and would NEVER do ANYTHING like this. The people, who might look like those responsible, but are as horrified as you and I are about what happened

L****y: draft me it would be my pleasure

JaySheldonKW: I can NOT believe you just used that word!

L****y: damn right i did this attack made me pissed off

JaySheldonKW: If everyone had that opinion about races of people, your family would never have made it into this country, and neither would mine!

L****y: who cares i am American

JaySheldonKW: GOOD! BE PISSED OFF!!!!!

BUT...be pissed off at the right people!!!!!!!!!!!!

L****y: not a foreigner

L****y: is there a bomb in the capital

JaySheldonKW: and there are PLENTY---hundreds of thousands, if not millions of AMERICANS who are also Muslim or Middle Eastern AMERICANS!!!!!

JaySheldonKW: They did NOT do this and are as PISSED off as you and I

L****y: well they should be killed too

JaySheldonKW: Be pissed off at the right people!!!

L****y: i hate all muslems

JaySheldonKW: now you're just being ridiculous!

L****y: there religion is wrong

L****y: they believe in a wrong way

JaySheldonKW: and they believe yours is too, so who's right? and what makes either one of you right? …or both of you wrong?

L****y: you have no idea what there religion is all about

JaySheldonKW: actually, I prolly have more of an understanding about different religions than most people, since I have studied under many many different ones and find people's faith fascinating.....

JaySheldonKW: There is an old saying about having a battle of wits with an unarmed man. I think I'm dangerously close to that now.....

(NOTE: At this point I decided to end the conversation.... I can only put up with so much stupidity at one sitting)

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