Thursday, January 31st, 2002: Well, I did it again! Waited forever to get this journal updated. Sorry about that. I'm trying to keep my life in perspective and stay up to date around here too. ain't easy.
Some news to pass along though. Rodney and I have been staying at home mostly, as you've seen on camera, no doubt. Just spending time watching tv and hanging out. We went out with "the gang" last weekend and had a great time. We brought two "straight boys" with us from the hotel , Michael and Jens. They had never been to KWEST or Bourbon Street before. They both had a great time and an education at the same time! Jens even danced with all "the guys" and they convinced him to take off his shirt! Woo Hoo! The crowd loved it! They're also foreign exchange workers for the same hotel as Rodney and they're leaving tomorrow, so it was kind of a farewell party. What a send off!
It's going to be a strange next couple of months for me and you'll have to forgive me if I'm absent from the site or don't get things updated as often as I should.
If you've been reading along with this journal you know that Rodney and I are facing some VERY difficult decisions very soon.  (See December 2001) Just to bring you up to date, it looks now as though he will return to Malaysia at the end of March and I will stay here. I may (big MAY) go with him for a short while, (a week or two) then return to Key West. Thanks to this idiotic country and it's immigration laws and rules, we are left with little choice but to spend the next 2 years apart. The only chances we'll have to be together is when I am able to get the time and money to travel to Malaysia to be with him. I can only hope that will be often. I don't honestly know how I am going to deal with this, but I'll try and be strong and do my best. I do know this:
I have loved before SO deeply, and so completely, but never, repeat never, as I completely as the love I have for this man. If two years, broken only by short visits on quick vacations for me, is all the time we can have together, I'll accept that and wait. I will be here for him, as long as it takes. Across 10,000 miles and as much time as is necessary.
Of course I worry about the usual things, if he will be there for me too, ...if the time and the distance will allow our love to fade. If he'll even remember me after a time back in his home country...if he'll meet someone new...but, when I think and worry about it, I remember that in my heart, I know how much love he has for me too. He is the first person to really make me feel this love reflected back. That's what let's me know that however long it takes, he'll be there, as I will be for him. It isn't going to be easy. I know what it felt like when he left last October for 23 days. I know how desperately I wanted him back here, even though I knew it wouldn't be that long. As long a time as this is going to be before we are together again, is going to make it nearly impossible for me. I can only hope and pray that the love we share is strong enough to see us though. In my heart, I feel it is.
If there were ANY other way to do this, for us to be together, believe me, I'd be doing it, but after hours and hours of research and trying, it appears we have no choice.
The bastards that want to keep people like you and me from being with the ones we truly love, have won (for now).
So, forgive me if I am absent or distant during the next couple of months and excuse me if I am not around on camera or don't get this journal updated often or answer your emails as quickly as I'd like...  I am about to walk down a road I have not walked before. It is the most frightening thing I have ever had to deal with. Believe me, I have had some VERY difficult journeys in my life...this is one I would rather not take. This is one I would do almost anything to avoid, but it is one that can not be ignored. If it doesn't kill me, to use an old phrase, it will certainly make me stronger, make both of us stronger.
Thank you for your emails and comments and support. I continue to get mails with well wishes and wondering what we will do about Rodney's having to return. I can't tell you how much it means to me to know that you are there and that we are in your thoughts and in some cases in your prayers. It really does help. It's amazing how people that we've never met in person, whom we don't really know other than words on a computer screen, can seem to care so deeply. You are special people in our lives and you mean the world to us. I will never be able to thank you enough for everything you do, even when you send a short note to say "How ya doing?" or "Hope everything's okay, I was thinking about you two."
Just please know that those simple words mean a lot and are a great comfort, just when it seems that everything is working against us. It's like the hug that I so desperately need.
I didn't mean to spin off on some "drama queen" tangent here, but I started writing what I really felt in my heart and after I stopped and read back what I'd written, I decided to leave it just the way it "spilled" out.

Jay & Rodney

Monday, January 21st, 2002: I have the day off today, in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.. He and I were actually born on the same day, only about 20 years or so apart (he would have been older). I have always admired Dr. King. In fact, outside of my office door in Internal Affairs, I have a sign with this quote from his most famous speech, "...they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character." Wouldn't that be nice.
We didn't wind up going to T-Dance last night. We just spend a nice quiet evening at home. Watched Queer as Folk and actually went to bed early. How domestic!
I received a lot of reaction to my last "tirade" here about tourists and all, mostly agreeable. I also found a most interesting website, while I was searching for a picture of the West Cornwall Covered Bridge. If you want to know about what made me such a strange little man, check out the place where I grew up. Cornwall, Connecticut. It is so VERY weird for me wandering around those pages. Seeing names of people I knew so long, long ago. In fact, it's strange how our memories "freeze" things. One of the strangest parts of looking through the names and faces on those Cornwall pages is looking at names of people who now hold public offices and the like and when I see a name like Brad Heddon, my only memory of him is when he was about 5 years old. I'm thinking to myself, "He can't be a selectman, or fire chief or whatever, he's only 5 years old! (It's that getting older thing again!)

Click for a larger shot in a new window
I created a newspaper ad I'm thinking about running here in Key West in our local Gay and Lesbian newspaper "Celebrate!" I'm sure if you've searched around or wandered the "gay-sex" websites, you've heard of KeyWestDudes. They run a live cam site from here in Key West, although it's VERY different from THIS site! (hehehe) It's a porn site and you'll see all sorts of fun things there, if you're interested. Let 'em know I sent you! lol! Anyway, they've done a great job of spending TONS of money promoting themselves all over the net. Well, being the marketing guy I am, I figured I'd play off their well paid publicity... Click on the thumbnail for a larger shot of my ad in a new window

Have you looked around the store lately? I have some new items for Valentine's Day! Check it out by clicking on the photos below! These special items are only available until February 14th, so get shopping! And if you haven't seen the new designs on the t-shirts and tank tops, check it out!
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Delicious Chocolates!     Fuzzy Valentine Bear!   Candy filled Mug!
But you have to order soon! They're all limited time specials!
I'm spending my wonderful Monday my car! Woo Hoo! Oh...the excitement! Hold me back!
Talk to you next time.....

Sunday, January 20th, 2002: I hate to start a journal entry with a bitch, but oh well,.... I'M PISSED!
Click for a larger shotI grew up in West Cornwall, Connecticut. Now, this was tourist town if ever there was one. When you say the phrase "postcard perfect" we actually were on a lot of them. We had the beauty of the fall foliage in the foothills of the Berkshires and one of only two remaining covered bridges in Connecticut. The West Cornwall Covered Bridge, built in 1864, spans the Housatonic River at West Cornwall. The bridge is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was, indeed, a beautiful place to grow up.
It's changed a LOT since my childhood days, but this bridge, with the trees in all their Fall splendor is absolutely beautiful. It was about a quarter mile down the road from my home. The bridge was the subject of a million postcards and photographs.
That was one of the many things that attracted the tourists.
Being a local, as a kid...I hated tourists. In my later years I gave in to the economic reality of tourism and moving to Key West REALLY drove home the point, BUT.... HUGE BUT....  Tourists, being what they are STILL manage to give themselves a REALLY bad image.
Forget wearing obnoxious clothing. Forget wearing socks with sandals, let alone BLACK sox with sandals... Forget them not being familiar with local laws or driving like they were still on I-95 when they're on some narrow Key West street that isn't really even big enough for one car let alone two. It's their attitude!!!
If I could change one thing about not every, but a lot of tourists I have encountered in my life, from West Cornwall to Key West, it would be their attitudes.
They, (and I'm writing this as though it doesn't apply to YOU of course! I know YOU'D never be like this!) They are rude, and think the world, or whatever little piece of it they happen to be in at the moment, owes them something. They seem to believe everyone, not just the shopkeepers who rely on their bucks, EVERYONE should bend over and kiss their ass, just because they've come here to visit and disrupt our little community and spend some of their hard earned money.
Hey, I have worked in a "tourist-dependent" industry before. I know this island would be hard pressed to survive without them. I'm not asking you all to go away. I'm simply asking that when you go somewhere, have a little respect for other people. Remember they live where you're only going to spend a week or two. We work here, we breed here, we raise our children here. WE LIVE HERE!
Click for a larger shot!Okay, okay, I'm sure you're wondering by now, what set me off THIS time? Let me tell you a little story from yesterday.
I'm sitting out on my balcony, which used to overlook the beautiful natural salt-ponds and now overlooks more condos and a hotel. Right out from my balcony is the office for an "all-suites" hotel which is connected to a hotel which is really "Grand" (not to mention any names) right next door. As I'm sitting there, some big Ford Explorer pulls along the road and starts to go around these silly traffic circles they built to try, (repeat: try) and control the traffic. The Explorer is towing a HUGE sailboat. I'm not a good judge of length (I heard that!), but I'd guess the boat was 40 or 50 feet in length... Named the "Kamakazi" (HOW appropriate!)
They get halfway around the traffic circle and stop. I'm thinking they must be stuck. The truck and boat combination made for a big space to try and maneuver around and as they made their way around the circle, it looked as though it was a tight fit.
When they stopped and 4 burly guys got out, I thought, okay well they're completely blocking the intersection, but maybe they're trying to figure out how to make it around and get back out. They went to the back of the truck and opened the back and started to get out their suitcases. 3 of the 4 started to head into the check in office around the other side of the building and the 4th guy stayed. Now, I figure HE'S going to move this mess, once the others get their luggage out. WRONG!! When the 4th (and last) guy gets out his luggage, HE LEAVES FOR THE OFFICE. Let me repeat that, THEY ALL TAKE OFF, LEAVING THE VEHICLES AND COMPLETELY BLOCKING THE ROADWAY!
Now, it's not an official city street, it's a driveway really, but it is the main entrance for the huge condo development next door to us AND the Hotel itself. These assholes, forgive me, but I'm still pissed off, just walk away to go check in. "I'm a tourist! You have to kiss my ass! I am exempt from your silly traffic laws and even if they don't apply... I'm am exempt from even being a human being with something as simple as common courtesy. I AM A TOURIST! So 'Screw you'!"
Can you tell I'm still pissed off about this? What the hell do people think? Forget that it's a busy roadway and people are constantly going in and out of there. What would have happened if the fire department or an ambulance needed access to those condos or hotels? USE YOUR HEADS! JEEEEEZ!
Okay, I've ranted enough, I've almost vented enough. Here, take a look for yourself..... and just one last thing on this subject, when you go on vacation or you're out of town and a G-U-E-S-T in some other place. THINK...Use you brains... Yes, come to Key West, we'll kiss your ass about as well as anyone has kissed it before.
But for gawd's sake, use a little common sense and more importantly... common courtesy. 
Now, enough bad stuff, time for GOOD fact GREAT stuff!

Click for a larger shotI received an email from one of my dearest and "bestest" friends back in Connecticut...Bacilio, (or Baci). We first met when I was working as a personality on WTIC-FM in Hartford.
We got to know each other and found out we had a TON of things in common and quickly became close friends. He is a sweetheart and one of those people I instantly connected with. Of course it doesn't hurt that I think he's adorable and looks kind of like Johnny Depp. He's planning a trip down this way one day soon and I can't wait to see him again. I haven't seen him since I moved away. We have this strange connection, Baci and me. We always say "I love you" to each other, and mean it. It's a brotherly kind of love. It's so sweet and it's the kind of close friendship that's rare to find with someone. We all have our friends, but I think you know what I'm talking about. Other than romantic love, it's been my experience that you find one, maybe two people in your life with whom you share something deeper than just being friends. Baci is that person for me. I can't wait to give you a hug my friend!
There's more pictures of him on my "Friends" page.

MORE interesting additions to the site!
I've redone the webcam page so the "chat' now opens in a new smaller window. I think it makes things a little bit cleaner. It also makes room for a new service. I've just added a new feature to Jay Sheldon Dot Com! Now, you can talk to me on the telephone-LIVE! That's right, through a company called "KEEN" you can call me during my available hours and speak with me LIVE right from your home phone to mine! If you look on the webcam page you'll see a new button. Click on it and follow the prompts and, for a small per minute fee, (hey, a girl's gotta make a living!) you can "connect" with me LIVE! All I ask is you be nice. If you're looking for Phone sex, try 1-800-eatme. You won't find it on my phone, but if you're heading for Key West for vacation, I'll do my best to make recommendations. If you have questions about Key West, or me, or this site, feel free. As you know, I'm very open and honest about my life and things in general. I'll tell it like it is. Here's a button which works the same as the one on the chat page:

Sunday night T-Dance at Atlantic Shores
Sunday night is almost here. I can't decide if I want to go to T-dance at Atlantic Shores,

or stay home with my sweetie and watch Queer as Folk....

Hmmmmm...... How DO I program that VCR?

Friday. January 18th, 2002: This getting old shit has to stop! I'm trying to "keep up" (no pun intended!) but it's been non-stop since Tuesday.
SO let me fill you in on all the details of a busy week! Rodney surprised me for my birthday with the most amazing gift.... a sunset sail aboard the "Liberty".The Liberty
We got dressed Tuesday afternoon, he said he wanted to go "downtown" and walk along Duval Street. We did some window shopping and slowly made our way down to what we local queers call the "straight" end of Duval. Let me explain... If you're at one end of Duval, where Bourbon Street Pub and KWEST and 801 bar are located, you're in the unofficial "Gay" section and the opposite end, where Rick's & Dirty Harry's, RumRunners, Fat Tuesday's etc are located, you're in the unofficial "straight" half of Duval.
Now mind you, we allow the straight people to come over and view how the other half lives now and then. We rarely bother those "straights", even when we see them (eeww!) holding hands and kissing right there in public! Imagine! And, for the most part we venture into "their" end of town, although we're not always afforded the same attitude.
Well, as Rodney and I made our way down Duval, hand in hand, I noticed he kept looking at his watch, (never marry a detective, we notice these little things) so I figured something was up. We finally arrived at Mallory Square where everyone goes to watch the street performers and the famous Key West Sunset. He took me along the pier to where the "Liberty" was moored and jumped on the gangplank and said, "let's go!". He had bought the tickets and we were headed for the most beautiful and romantic sunset sail.
Here's a piece of strange luck. The entire day Tuesday was overcast and cloudy. Which is very unusual for Key West. It wasn't until right as we set sail that the skies cleared and we ended the day with the most beautiful sunset, arm in arm, aboard the sailboat, toasting the end of the day with champagne in true Key West fashion! It was beautiful!

Click on the thumbnails for a larger shot in a new window:

Click for a new window - larger shotClick for a new window - Larger ShotClick for a new window - Larger ShotClick for a new window - Larger ShotClick for a new window - Larger ShotClick for a new window - Larger Shot
Click for a new window - Larger ShotClick for a new window - Larger ShotClick for a new window - Larger ShotClick for a new window - Larger ShotClick for a new window - Larger ShotClick for a new window - Larger Shot
Click for a new window - Larger ShotClick for a new window - Larger ShotClick for a new window - Larger ShotClick for a new window - Larger ShotOur version of Blair Witch Project!Don't ask! I was tired!!!

One quick note: If you're going on one of these sunset sails, be sure and bring something to wear to keep you warm AFTER the sun goes down! IT GET'S COLD! BRRRRRR!
After we got back to the harbor, we walked back along Duval, hand in hand. The cool evening air made a bit warmer from the champagne! When we walked past where our car was parked I began to wonder what was next. Well, I soon found out when we arrived at "Origami"! An incredible sushi bar! Believe it or not, as much of a sushi fan as I am, I had never been to Origami before. I'm one of these people that when it comes to food, if I find somewhere I like, I'll stick with it. Kyushu or Kozuchi were my two favorites for sushi. Well, let me give a HUGE recommendation to Origami. If you're here and looking for incredible Japanese food, try them, they are fantastic!
We stuffed ourselves and added a little sake to keep the champagne company and finally headed home after an incredible evening! Thank you my love, for making this my most memorable Birthday! I still don't feel old, with you by my side.

Bette Davis!Wednesday night was time for ANOTHER adventure! If you've never been here before or haven't heard of La-Te-Da. It's an elegant restaurant and lounge here in Key West. The executive chef "Alice" is VERY well known as one of the premiere chefs on the island. The cabaret called "The Crystal Room" is home to the famous female impressionist "Randy Roberts" and now the amazing "Christopher Peterson" These two guys are absolutely incredible!
I've seen Randy before and he is a wonderful talent, but had not seen Christopher perform. Well, Wednesday night La-Te-Da did a bit of marketing genius, and invited all of the concierges from the island's hotels for a free show with cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. It was a brilliant way, on what is traditionally a slow night to help promote the shows to the folks who guest turn to for advise while they vacation here!
Rodney managed to get his hands on a couple of tickets and we went. The show featured Christopher Peterson, who appeared in the hit movie "Rat Race" with Cuba Gooding Jr. (woo hoo! Cutie extraordinaire!)
PLEASE-If you are coming to Key West DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW. I know it's rude to type in all caps, but I'm telling you, I have seen a thousand drag shows in my life, but this is no drag show! This is an incredible evening of top shelf entertainment!
Yes, it's a guy who does female impersonations, but it's NOT a "lip-sync" act. Just as Randy Roberts also uses his own voice, Christopher does ALL his own singing, and he has the most amazing voice. When he does Julie Andrews, (one of my favorite ladies), his voice both talking and singing, IS Julie Andrews! No easy task! When he does Judy Garland, his voice transforms into Judy. I don't want to spoil any surprises, but please trust cannot miss this show! Rodney and I had a table right in the front near the stage, so of course Christopher picked a bit on us as the token "gay" couple, but fortunately right behind us were the token "straight" couple, so he picked them out much more often. However, right during the opening number as Marilyn Monroe, (which was uncanny!) she came up to me and grabbed my head and slammed it into her chest! (Oh gawd!) Then rubbed her fingers through my hair. As you know I have a very spiked flattop hair cut.
Well, after running her fingers through my hair she said to everyone, "Looks like a porcupine's asshole!" Oh Gawd!!!!!!!! But it got a big laugh!

Now seriously, here.... You compare!
No difference!
Well, okay it looks a LITTLE like that!

Anyway, we had an incredible time and you have GOT to see this show.

I heard from a friend this week I haven't heard from in a long, long time. He sent me a picture and I'll get it posted in my "Friends" section soon. Check it out; I always thought he looked just like Johnny Depp! (Sorry Baci, but it's true!)
This has turned into a huge update here, but I've just a couple more quick things and I'm done 'til next time.
I've upgraded the Computer Room camera. A Birthday gift from Rodney! Thank you sweetie! What do you think? I'm fairly impressed with the quality and finally I've got two decent cameras running. Now, I'm thinking about adding a third!
2 SITE RECOMMENDATIONS: First, you have GOT to checkout one of the funniest websites I've seen in a long time. I laughed my ass off! Justin Space is a designer who's worked for the likes of Disney and Paramount among others. When you check out his site DON'T MISS Obscene Interiors and The Ebay Conceptual Art Gallery. This guy's a twisted as I am. I promise you'll laugh! And #2 site: Jock Cam Live! Woo HOO!!! First of all, this guy's HOT! Secondly, he (Jock) wrote me an email and said he was coming to Key West next month. Well, needless to say we're going to get together and say "hi" and throw back a couple of cold ones. He's a sweetheart and I can't wait to meet him in person. It'll be fun meeting a fellow Webcam guy. (Altho this one get's a LOT more HOT than you'll see around this site! LOL!)
Finally, I received an email from someone who hit the site and couldn't get anywhere! It seems that if you're using an older version of Netscape, the new "java" menus on the front page don't show up! I spent all of last night re-writing some script and now, if you're using Netscape version 4.X or under, you're automatically taken to a different start page where you CAN see the links to all the different pages! Sorry to my Netscape users! PLEASE UPGRADE YOUR BROWSERS! Thanks to Keith for the heads up!

That's the news from "Lake Woes-be-gone"! (If you're a Garrison Keillor fan you'll get that joke!)

Until next time, Love somebody, and tell him or her how much they mean to you, NOW! Come on, pick up the phone or get off line, RIGHT NOW...and tell that person how much they mean to you. You'll be surprised how good you'll feel. DO IT!

Tuesday, January 15th, 2002: A quick update, since for some reason I got up early this morning, and Rodney's still sleeping. My love gave me the most beautiful roses last night and just after midnight, (when it "officially" was my birthday) Rodney called me out to the living room and he and Mark sang "Happy Birthday" and we had the most FATTENING-(read: delicious!) cake with ONE candle on it! Actually, he would have put the right number of candles on it, ...but the fire department is SO far away from the house!
Here's a shot of my beautiful roses:      and here's my cake! I LOVE IT!              
You can "click" for a larger shot
Thank you to everyone who sent me the emails and e-cards. I received many, many of them this morning when I woke up!
What a nice way to start my day... with a smile! Nice to know you're out there!
It's about 10 o'clock in the morning now, and I'm going to take the rest of the day off! Why not?! It's my birthday! I'll update here again tomorrow!

Monday, January 14th, 2002: Will SOMEONE send me an email about every damn day and remind me this journal needs updating! GAWD! I can not believe how fast the time flies and the next thing I know, it's been a week!
Well, I had to jump in here and and least let you know that tomorrow is.... MY BIRTHDAY! Yuppers! That's right! "This old man, ...he played knick knack on my thumb..."(that always sounded obscene to me!)
Good GAWD! I'm 44 years old for christ sake!
However, that being said, I can honestly tell you, I feel 21! It's amazing what finding the love of your life can do for your disposition! I have never felt so great in my entire life. It's actually kind of funny, As we got home from work today, Rodney said, "It's your last day of being 42!" which, if course led me to believe he thought I was 42, not 43. Well, don't think the temptation wasn't there to let the legend stand, BUT I've never lied about my age, to anybody, so I'm not about to start and certainly not to Rodney!
So, I asked him if it counted against me if I was older then he thought. he said, "It's just a number" (see why I love this guy so much!)
Okay, for the record: I was born at 7:25AM on January 15th, 1958.  Damn! THAT sounds like a looooooooooong time ago! (hint: IT WAS!) Well, Happy Birthday to me! GIft can be sent in the form of cash! (hahaha!)
On to other news... we went out last weekend and did the KWEST thing and Bourbon Street of course, had a great time and met some great people. It's the beginning of "season" down here in Key West, so the tourists are starting to stream in, mostly from the cold North.
I have added a new sponsor to Jay Sheldon Dot Com, it's KiwkMed, an online, secure and discreet source for Viagra. Check it out, I've found them to be the best deal on the net, and a very reputable company.
Don't forget the NEWLY DESIGNED "2002" Jay Sheldon Dot Com Store is up and running. In the next few days I'll be featuring some special VALENTINES DAY merchandise! Check it out! These links will always open in a new window by the way. So... when you're done spending money and helping to support this site, you can just close the window and you'll be back here.
Speaking of supporting this site...I've been checking the stats here for the last couple of months and just so you know you're in good company, Jay Sheldon Dot Com has averaged between 15,000 and 19,000
(yes! That's 15-19 THOUSAND hits!) a month and we keep growing. I say "we" because it's you guys who keep me going around here. I get tons of emails every day, from people who have just discovered the site and write just to say hello. It's great meeting people and making new friends, I've spent some time in the chat room lately and I'm amazed how many people I find hiding out in there!
Until next time, I'll write more after tomorrow's "Birthday", Make sure you let the people most important to you know, how much you love them...and do that EVERYDAY!
OH MY GAWD! I just HAD to jump in here and add this one last thing. After I write here I always run the spell checker (not that it always works right) but guess what....? My spell-checker didn't know the word Viagra! LOL! THAT'S funny!!

Tuesday, January 8th, 2002: Good GAWD! I never thought it would be so hard to find some people on a Sunday night to come over for free drinks and munchies! Well, last minute parties can be like that. Rodney and I watched the premiere of Queer as Folk by ourselves, (which was fine!) we had a blast "all by our lonesome". The show was great and got me right back into the groove again. If you're not a QAF fan or maybe you've never taken the time to watch, check it out. If it's not your cup of tea, great at least you gave it a shot. It actually has a wide audience including "straight" people. It's really amazing how many people actually DO watch every week. It is absolutely "cutting edge" television. Even if it weren't for the subject matter!
More good news, I have become an "official" affiliate for Gay Day @ Disney for 2002! Check THIS out! I know it says 2001, but they're updating the graphics now! hehehe

And the "Good news" just keeps rolling in: I opened my "snail" mailbox today and received my copy of CyberSocket Magazine! The one I just wrote about, but this is the printed version! Woo Hoo! It's SO kewl to see your name and picture in a national magazine!  Get your copy at your local Gay friendly book store today!

Click for a larger shotNow one last thing before I close for now... I have had people ask me about SiSi (the rat), otherwise known as the queen of the house, otherwise known as the meanest Chihuahua south of the Mason-Dixon line, and what the HELL that "thing" is she plays with 24/7 when you're watching the webcam...
Well, time for inside information! I actually realized that people can "see" this "thing" on the webcam laying on the floor or the couch, but probably can't tell what the hell it is. I've had people send me messages and emails saying it looked like she left me a mess in the middle of the floor!
Let me begin at the beginning. SiSi is just 2 years old, she was the runt of the litter, so in addition to being a chihuahua, she's extra small being the runt.
Bottom line... she weighs about 3 pounds. If you haven't yet seen her, that's her on the left.
Just after we had welcomed her into the house, we got her a "toy" which was one of those idiotic collectable stuffed animals, which happened to be a cat. Well, she absolutely LOVES to play fetch, so every time we say "Where's your cat?" she'll run and grab this thing from where ever she's hidden it and be ready for a game of fetch. Now understand, this isn't just ANY game of "fetch" she has the energy level of a mosquito! She could play this game with you for days if you could keep up! She NEVER tires of it. As many time as you want to throw it, she'll get it.
Now when Dinky ( the poodle) and Chen Po ( the mutt) lived here, Dinky had a habit of wanting to get in on the action. The problem was that Dinky's version of Fetch is like this... You throw and I run and get it... and rip the hell out of the thing, totally destroying it and never bring it back. Well, we eventually had to replace the "cat" and figuring that SiSi wouldn't be the wiser, we have had several replacements, which have been all manner of animals, from penguins to whales to horses and dogs, but no matter what the current reincarnation of "cat" was, it always had to be called "cat".
SiSi knows the phrase "Where your cat" in 4 different languages too!
English, of course, and Thai: "Mao yu nai?" and Spanish: "¿Donde tu Gato?"and finally in Mandarin Chinese: "Miaw chai na ni?"
No matter what language you say it in, she runs and get the thing and then you're sorry because you're in for what seems like HOURS of fetch!
Click for a pop up shot

So here finally, is a close up shot of the latest version of the Cat or Mao or Gato or Miaw, whichever you'd prefer

(You can click on the shots and a larger version in a "pop up" window will open)

Click for a larger pop up shot

and here is another shot of the queen of the house, right after hearing "¿Donde tu Gato?"...
but Warning! Warning! Danger Will Robinson!...DO NOT try and get it away from her, ...She'll rip your ankles off!

(and please don't tell her it's not really a cat! I don't want to hurt her feelings)

Sunday, January 6th, 2002: The digital cable is all hooked up, the televisions set - "stereo optimized", and now it's just waiting for 10PM EST and the premiere of the second season of Queer As Folk! I'm thinking I should have planned a premiere night party! What a dunce! Hmmmm, I wonder if a "last minute party" could be pulled off? I'm going to finished writing this and then get my ass on the phone and start calling friends. I have enough libation and snacks I think for a halfway decent party. The only problem is it's a Sunday night at 10PM. Hmmmm well, any excuse for a get-together! Keep an eye on the web cams, I may get this thing organized. It's been a fairly quiet weekend so far. Rodney and I actually stayed home this weekend and didn't go out partying. It was kind of nice to sit home together alone and watch movies and just... be. I hope you've stopped by the QAF site and checked out all the kewl things to do there. If not, check it out HERE. Plus, Jay Sheldon Dot Com is now an official affiliate for Queer as Folk, so I get credit every time you click on that link! Showtime has been airing all the past episodes from season one this past week or so and last night they went right up to the last show from the end of season one. It really brought everyone up to speed on the show and reminded us of where were when we last watched. I can't wait.
I received so many Happy New Year emails, I hope I was able to get back to everyone with at least a quick "thanks", if not, "Thanks!" It always makes my day to receive your emails and to know you're out there. I've been trying to spend a little bit more time in my chat room from the webcam pages, and I've gotten to meet a bunch of you in there. If you're watching the cam, why not sign into the chat room, you never know who you'll find in there!

WHOLE NEW LOOK! Be sure and check out the Jay Sheldon Dot Com Merchandise store! I've redesigned most of the items in line with the new look for the site! For those of you who already bought items in the past, you've got yourself real collector's items now! For those of you who haven't yet seen the products, CHECK IT OUT!  Also look for special Jay Sheldon Dot Com Valentine items in the store, starting after January 15th! They should be fun!

As I'm writing this I'm listening to some New Age piano music, it's great, and it's making me crazy at the same time. Let me explain that. I don't think, even in my "Past Life" pages I ever written much about my love of music. I'm one of those people you hate ,who was born with the ability to pick up about any instrument and play it. It's not something I'm boasting about, it's a "born-with-it" talent and you can credit whichever higher power you like with giving me this ability. I taught myself some weird instruments too, like the bagpipes, which I love, but the neighbors learned to hate! Music has always been a very important part of my life. My favorite instrument however is by far, the piano. I've played, by ear, since I was old enough to climb up on the piano stool. My parents had an old upright in the house and it was eventually given to me. After several years I bought my own spinet and had that until I moved to Key West. It wasn't something we could afford to have moved down from Connecticut. However, I've always missed my piano and playing, I can spend hours just sitting alone and playing to entertain myself. I also found it a great way to "de-stress". Well, after 4 years + without, Rodney and I were up at the malls and I found the most incredible music store that had the newest versions of electronic pianos. Now mind you, I have never liked them, I'd take a beat up old upright over the best electronic piano any day. They never had the "action" and feel of a real piano. Well, now I'm eating those words. Today's electronics are incredible! I played one of the new Yamaha's and I was VERY impressed. The "feel" and sound is absolutely like the real thing. Wanna hear it for yourself?- CLICK HERE. That link is to an actual recording of the Yamaha P-80 in "Concert Grand mode", and the P-80 is one of the lesser expensive models, but a fantastic machine! It was so neat to be able to sit and play again after all this time. BUT (big but here) NOW I'm even MORE "pining" for my old piano!
Of course I could just part with about 3-4000 + dollars, but I just checked my bank account and, well...let's just say a piano isn't in my immediate future. So I need to stop listening to piano music, it gives me the wrong kind of melancholy feeling!...or maybe check on ebay! hmmmm,
Oh well, I have a party to try and plan for tonight! Don't forget to watch!

Saturday, January 5th, 2002:           WOO HOO! My first article in PRINT about this site!
CyberSocket Magazine

I mentioned it before back when I did the interview, but now the article is out, both on the net AND in print! CyberSocket Magazine, a gay internet magazine, did an interview with me about this site a couple of months ago and they just published the newest edition and I'm in it! Woo Hoo!
Here's the link to the Magazine and if you look for the current "on-line" version, then check out the article on "Home Pages", there I am! And they featured MY logo picture for the lead of the article! Thanks to Daniel Kaufman for the great ink!
Check your local Gay & Lesbian bookstore for your own IN PRINT copy!

Friday, January 4th, 2002: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!! A few days late! Wow, I have a LOT to update you on Last things first in this case!
If you're reading this I guess you've figured out the new navigation from the start page for the site. I decided it was time freshen things up a bit for the new year. I like it, it took some time to decide on the type of "look" I wanted for the opening page and there's more updates and redesigning to be done to other parts of the site, but it's underway and you can expect to see more improvements as we go!
Happy New Year!Now, back to the beginning, from the last update here which was New Years Eve...New Years Eve was fantastic! Rodney and I went to a little pre-new years get together at Troy and Joe's house, All our friends were there and then we went downtown and hung out on Duval Street with the thousands of people from all walks of life that were there.
One of Key West's most famous (or is that infamous?) drag queens "Sushi" was, as has been the tradition here in Key West,
hanging from the rooftop of Bourbon Street in a giant red pump! She entertained the crowd and threw beads right up until the stroke of midnight,
then the shoe was lowered, a la the ball in Times Square and 2002 was here! We spent the rest of the night partying with friends and dancing my feet off at Bourbon Street. By the way, I was bitching in an earlier journal entry about my fear of the former "Divas" club losing it dance club feel, well, I'm eating my words! If I haven't said it yet, Diva's now known as "KWEST" is fantastic! The new look, the men, the crowd, the music. Great job guys! I am now a regular! You impressed me! It ain't Epoch (in it former "gay" days, not today's Epoch <YUCK>) but it's a great place to dance and enjoy the music and efx!Anyway, after too many Long Island Iced Teas and too much moving and groovin' we headed home for the start of 2002. A great way ring in the new year, spent with someone you love.

This week FLEW by I can't believe it's already Friday night, and if you have tickets to fly into or are planning to drive down to Key West, BRING SOME SWEATERS!
OH MY GAWD! I am freezing my ASS off! Seriously, we've had a cold front come through the Keys and last night it went down to 56 degrees!!! In fact earlier today it was STILL in the 50's! now look, I'm originally from Connecticut. I know from cold weather, but it's been over 4 years on this tropical blood has thinned out! 56 damned degrees is FREEZING!!! I know, I know, you hate me if you're sitting there in 10 below zero and I'm complaining, but's all relative! (Now, where did I put that space heater?)
This Sunday should prove to be an interesting one, the second season of Showtime's "Queer As Folk" premieres. If you've seen the ads around the site for the new season, I can't wait! Sunday night we'll be glued to the television. If you don't have Showtime-GET IT! Show these people that we queers LIKE the facts that they have the balls to put this kind of programming on. And to the people who say it glamorizes only the sexual aspect of gay men's lives...bullshit! I defy one of you to not be able to find someone you know or have known who matches up to the characters in this show.
Oooo! I need to start getting ready for my birthday! That's right, I'm turning another year older this month (the 15th) woo hoo, Hmmmm I better get my list of birthday presents ready so you'll all know what to buy me! hehehe! Lot's to do!