UPDATE: December 2008:
This is an old blog, written before blogs were so popular. In fact, they weren't even called "blogs" then. It was online journals.
There's references to pictures that may be missing (can't find them all), but I'll try and get as much of them here as I can.
It was a part of my life that I will never forget. An amazing time with no regrets. As I have always lived. And another, in a long string, of wonderful experiences.
The words below are how my original journal first started :

I promised myself to write about my life, as it happens as often as I can.
I'll try and be as truthful as I can in these pages, as I've been with the rest of this site, respecting other people's privacy.
I would never write anything here that would hurt anyone, or embarrass them and I'll never include anyone's name without their permission.
So, if I seem a bit cryptic sometimes, it's just because someone didn't want to be identified.

This is going to be difficult to be so open and "lay myself out there" but it's also a kind of therapy for me to write and share parts of my life with people.

If this stuff interests you.... read on