Harry Houdini

These are some of the places I hang around on the net.
Some for fun, information, profit...
and some because the guys are just TOO  DAMNED CUTE!

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Local Key West sites
If you use these sites, PLEASE let them know you found them through Jay Sheldon Dot Com!


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                                                                                                                         Key West's local Gay & Lesbian newpaper


Web Friends

DJ Paris                                                                                                    The Hawkster!!
A cutie from New York  City and the inspiration for THIS site.                 Another web Cutie! ask to see his horn....
I've actually been a DJ fan for a long time.
I'd put an image here for the link, but his attitude is such
that he'd prolly sue me!
I'm not petty about competition,
I welcome you to check out his site.
It's impressive, well done, he's cute as a bug....and a lot of fun.
(one of these days DJ!)

(**For those of you who wondered what my last tirade was all about, with DJParis, click here)

The Long Yang Club!                                                                       Janet Jackson ONLINE!

A social and support for Gay Asian men and their fans                              Listen to Janet's Music-Watch video clips, a VERY kewl site!

You MUST check this site out! Dean is one of, if not THE creator of the site and he's a sweatheart!
Incredible Asian guy web site and a great resource!
Scented-The Gay Asian Network

FABULOUS Shopping!


QAF Music Sex & The City on Kleptomaniac.com

Sexy Clothing!

Swimwear                                         Pretty Boys and Tough Girls                   Shop at Kleptomaniac.com!                   
Work Out Gear for Him

Kleptomaniac.com. Clothes, gear and accessories for pretty boys and bad girls.

Sexy Music!

The best music on Kleptomaniac.com  The best music on Kleptomaniac.com

 QAF Music

Click & Groove!

The kewlest on-line dance music. Live feed and great quality if you have a fast internet connection
My favorite internet radio station

Gay Resources

 Join OutPersonals -FREE!                   Join Asian FriendFinder                                   HOT FUN!
  Largest gay personals!                 Largest Asian Personals Community!                  HOT GUYS!

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